Saturday, 14 April 2012

Pay to Click Ads

If who are interested to earn some extra income, you can try to join PTC with the link below.


I joined the member of this PTC since 12/05/2010.  Although the payment that I received not much, but this PTC is reliable and it provides auto surf feature.

 Earning areas:
  • Earn by Clicking Ads
  • Earn through AutoSurfing
  • Earn by Viewing Videos
  • Earn by Liking the Webpages
  • Earn by Completing Offers
  • Earn through Traffic Exchange
  • Earn by Promoting your PTP Link
  • Earn by Clicking Email Ads


  • Only $0.60 Minimum Payout
  • Each Member Gets a Free Blog
  • Payments via Paypal, Alertpay and LR.
  • Fast and Most Friendly Support